All About That Funk & Love
Con Funk Shun performs at Cal State Fair, July 20

"Ffun." "Chase Me." "Too Tight." And my favorite from them since elementary school, "Love's Train"!

Those are just a few of the jams Con Funk Shun has unleased since getting together in 1969.

Back in the 1970s and '80s, the R&B/funk greats carved their niche as one of the best in the genre.

With a slew of hits and the ability to be one of the few 1970s funk era bands to successfully transfer into the 1980s era, Con Funk Shun continues to give their best to every audience they perform in front of.

Every single Con Funk Shun show is most definitely a party.

The guys will be performing at the Cal State Fair at Cal Expo in Sacramento on Friday, July 20 and they are ready to give fans what they remember - and a few surprises. Make sure to get your tickets and get there early!

Original lead singer and co-founder of the band, Michael Cooper took some time out to chat with us (James and Raina aka Souls & Sounds Productions) to talk about the beginnings of the band, how "Love's Train" became a hit, and what concertgoers have to look forward to tomorrow night!

Take a listen.

-Souls & Sounds