Sacramento's rock and reggae hybrid, Arden Park Roots are on their way to the top.....and they're getting there The Hard Way!

Tyler Campbell and company took some time to kick it  and talk about the bands beginnings, the new Calfornia reggae scene, the SAMMIES and more!

If you thought the mellow sounds of reggae-rock ‘n’ groove were obliterated by soul-less nu-metal and pukey pop-rap urging you to do silly dances like “that Soulja Boy,” never fear—A.P. Roots is here!

Sacramento, CA "family & friends" neighborhood--Arden Park has spawned a rock ‘n’ reggae monster!

After only one year of being in the Sacramento music scene, A.P. (Arden Park) Roots (Tyler Campbell-lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Justin Higdon-drums, Ben Jones-bass and Matt Seidel-lead guitar) are already doing at least eight shows a month and have caused a big stir in the area.

Despite the fact that all of the guys have full-time day jobs, they are constantly inundated with proposals to do shows.

“We’ve already had to turn down about five shows a week,” says lead singer-songwriter/rhythm guitarist Tyler Campbell.
Arden Park Roots
Heavily influenced by the super-fantastic, Sublime, Campbell had the notion to start his own reggae-rock group in early 2007.

“The whole band kind of accidentally happened,” said Campbell.

“Justin and I got together and learned 8 songs then I set out to find a bass player and guitarist by placing ads on Craigslist and The News & Review”, explained Campbell.

Punk-rock and reggae enthusiasts/bassis, Ben Jones, was the first to respond.

“After his first performance with us, Ben became the “official” bass player of the group. Probably because no one else responded,” joked Campbell.

Matt Seidel, who has influences such as CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC, was also familiar with the sound Campbell was looking for and responded to the ad.

“I originally grew up in the Midwest and had played in several cover bands that did Sublime covers. They [Sublime] were the only reggae and dub-type band that everyone listened to over there,” says Seidel.

The band, complete with its diverse inspirations, was now complete and were ready to begin what became a long run of shows in Sacramento, northern and central California.

Each member of A.P. Roots is top notch at their craft and when they come together they bring a positive upbeat energy and party vibe to their growing number of fans.

In April, the band released their first full-length album, The Hard Way.

The highly anticipated debut album boasts a bass laden reggae-rock backbone intertwined with lead vocals reminiscent of Sublime’s Brad Nowell, “let’s party” influenced lyrics and bumping grooves that will definitely keep you out of your seat—best exemplified by the first single off of the album, “The Good Life.”

Although the band is receiving a huge positive response from their hometown and now in other parts of California, they stay very humble about the hoopla.

“We  know there are 3 or 4 other really good groups in the Sacramento area doing this type of music, so we definitely appreciate the response we are getting from everyone,” says Campbell.

“Right now there is a huge California Reggae wave going on and we are trying to associate ourselves with those groups making it happen,” explains Campbell.

And that they are!

On Saturday, June 28th, A.P. Roots will be performing with one of the leaders of the new California Reggae scene--Santa Barbara’s, Rebelution (who won iTunes Editors Choice For Best Reggae Album 2007) at The Boardwalk in Orangevale.

“This will definitely be our biggest show yet,” exclaims Campbell.

The band will be touring throughout the summer so be sure to get check them out and while you’re at it, pick up The Hard Way!

Arden Park Roots shows in the month of June:
Saturday, June 21st – Mariyln’s 908 K St. - 9pm
SAMMIES Showcase (vote for AP Roots for this years SAMMIES (Sacramento Area Music Awards)!  Just log on to and vote for them in the best local Latin/World/Reggae performer)
Saturday, June 28th  w/Rebelution – The Boardwalk (9426 Greenback Ln. Orangevale, CA)

For more show dates and info: Visit Arden Park Roots on Myspace:


....This just in! Arden Park Roots have one the SAMMIES award in the category of Latin/World/Reggae performer! They want to thank all of their fans for voting!!
Clockwise from upper left: Tyler, Justin, Matt, Ben